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DCS  Educare (Pvt.) Ltd.
Processing center for overseas admissions

At a glance:
DCS (Diversified Career Service) is a private organization pioneering accurate information for higher education of Bangladeshi students to study overseas universities/colleges. The student development program of DCS is evaluated and approved by the City Corporation, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh, and the government permission is given in order to run this project.

The mission of DCS is to excel in providing diversified career service for Bangladeshi students to upgrade their normal career into productive career through overseas education, training, research, and so on. It is keeping in view the challenges of the year of 2006 in the Southern & Northern parts of Bangladesh. Its vision is to become a value added institution in the nationwide to add value on our Bangladeshi students who have completed at least 12th grade. As a center of excellence, it aims to attract students from all over the city/town of Bangladesh. This mission is providing to achieve by imparting excellent education and training, and by research and public service, so that individuals can achieve their intellectual, social, and personal potential. DCS is committed to developing human capital by sharpening creative thinking of individuals.

To fulfill its mission, DCS applies four basic strategies: offers a set of programs/curricula which meets the needs of the students going abroad for their higher education from different backgrounds; selects students who demonstrate, at DCS-administered tests, the potential to complete the program of study at overseas university; and provides the necessary information and logistic support to finish their courses.

The Dhaka City Corporation, the accreditation authority of the City Corporation, Government of Peopleís Republic of Bangladesh, accredits DCS.

The courses that we are offering at DCS Head Office such as:
● Spoken English/Intensive English Language Courses

Student Counsel:
It is a part of service of DCS, and student counsel is working for the student development program such as:
● To upgrade student career
● To arrange part-time/full time jobs for the students
● To share field trips and fun

International Advisory Board:
DCS has an International Advisory Board to counsel on academic matters regarding overseas admissions. The Board Members include foreign students and administrators from domesticís students. They are:

Md. Yousuf Ali

Managing Director:
Md. Rezaul Karim

DCS Corporate Office:
Suit: C 9-10, House: 15 (Bashati Condominium)
Road: 17, Banani C/A, Dhaka - 1213

Branch office Australia:
Address: 7/56-60 Ferguson
Ave, Wiley Park
NSW -2195, Australia

Director of overseas admissions Sweden:

Alimul Hasan Chowdhury (Nehal)
(BSc in Information & Communication Engineering
East West University, Dhaka

Director of overseas admissions Australia:
Md. Hemayet H Molla
Cell: +61405325780

Information Officer:
Mrs. Karnij Fatema
(Higher Secondary Certificate
Shamim & Shakil Technical College

Office in charge
A.K.M lokman
(Msc, National University)

Marketing Co-ordinator
Mir Tihan
(BBS in Accounting)

Overseas Marketing Controller (UK)
M Nazmul Hasan
(studying london south bank university)

Office Executive
Md. Billal Hossain
(BBS in Marketing)

Marketing Officer:
Nabil Fida Us Shams Chowdhury
(BSc in CS IUB)

Mrs. Bilkis Akter
(M. Com (National University)

Financial Analyst:
A.M. Samsuddula
(B. Sc in Ag, Khulna University
M. Com, National University

Office in Charge (Human Resources):
Md. Shohel Rana
(Bachelor of Business Administration
Dhaka College

Md. Razzak Hossain
(Bachelor of Business Administration
Asian University, Dhaka

Legal Advisor:
Dr. Mir Shamsur Rahman
Bangladesh, UK and India)


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