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DCS Management provide Scholarships.

Office of Financial Aid Mission
The Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping both students and their families understand and navigate the financial aid process.

Our professionally trained counselors can assist you in learning more about:
International Student Aid Programs
Scholarship Programs
Tuition Payment Plans & Tuition Discount Schemes

Please feel free to contact us if you should desire further assistance:
Email: info@dcsbd.com
Phone: +880-2-8270146


A financial aid award for an individual student scholar, for the purpose of furthering their education

Scholarships are awarded based on a range of criteria which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award…

Tuition Payment Plan

"An Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan, that enables families to spread all or part of their tuition, room, board, and fees over 10 or 9 equal monthly payments.

This eliminates the need to make lump sum payments at the start of each semester. One of the major benefits of this option is that there are no interest charges.."

Tuition Discount Scheme

Although International students do not qualify for federal or state financial aid, there are various types of institutional aid offered to our undergraduate students.

There are also several web sites that provide insight into:

- International student financial aid
- Scholarships for international students

Helpful Resources Financial Aid Resources for International Students
www.fastweb.com - Fastweb is a free database with access to over 300,000 scholarships available.
www.finaid.org - Finaid.org is a free web site containing a wealth of information for students applying for financial aid. Just click on the section for International students.
www.edupass.org - EduPASS provides information for international students who are thinking about pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or professional education.


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